30/08/2020,12:14:31 PM.

The most popullar and well acknolaged news channel of the Asansol Shilpanchal, NEWS PRAHAR was relaunched on YouTube social media platform.

For its smart presantaion, exclusive news and well traind anchores, NEWS PRAHAR was very popullar in general masses in years 2008-09. Due to our special bussiness realted news, NEWS PRAHAR was also very poppular in bussiness community.

Now, we are confident that NEWS PRAHAR will again reach all general masses and gain their confident. The quality presantaion and news are our motto.

Advertisment tariff for monthly:

10 second visual advertisment: Rs. 10,000

15 second visual advertisment: Rs. 15,000

10 second visual advertisment: Rs. 20,000

Sponcership Packege: Rs. 30,000

(Its include two times announcment and 20 seconds two visual advertisments)


Note: payment cheque will be in the name of proprieter NARENDRA KUMAR SINGH


producer & propreiter

Narendra Kumar Singh




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